New System Calls

Oracle Linux implements at-suffixed system interfaces as individual system calls, for example:

  • faccessat()

  • fchmodat()

  • fchownat()

  • fstatat64()

  • futimensat()

  • linkat()

  • mkdirat()

  • mknodat()

  • name_to_handle_at()

  • newfstatat()

  • open_by_handle_at()

  • openat()

  • readlinkat()

  • renameat()

  • symlinkat()

  • unlinkat()

  • utimensat()

These system calls implement a superset of the functionality of their old non-at-suffixed counterparts. They take an additional first argument that is either an open directory file descriptor. In which case, the operation on a relative pathname is taken relative to the specified directory, or is the reserved value AT_FDCWD, in which case the operation takes place relative to the current working directory.