2.10 Pointers and Scalar Arrays

Pointers are memory addresses of data objects in the operating system kernel or in the address space of a user process. D provides the ability to create and manipulate pointers and store them in variables and associative arrays. This section describes the D syntax for pointers, operators that can be applied to create or access pointers, and the relationship between pointers and fixed-size scalar arrays. Also discussed are issues relating to the use of pointers in different address spaces.


If you are an experienced C or C++ programmer, you can skim most of this section as the D pointer syntax is the same as the corresponding ANSI C syntax. Howevver, you should read Section 2.10.1, “Pointers and Addresses” and Section 2.10.8, “Pointers to DTrace Objects”, as these sections describe features and issues that are specific to DTrace.