11.5 sdt provider

The Statically Defined Tracing (SDT) provider (sdt) creates probes at sites that a software programmer has formally designated. The SDT mechanism enables programmers to consciously choose locations of interest to users of DTrace and to convey some semantic knowledge about each location through the probe name.

Importantly, SDT can act as a metaprovider by registering probes so that they appear to come from other providers, such as io, proc, and sched, which do not have dedicated modules of their own. Thus, the SDT provider is chiefly of interest only to developers of new providers. Most users will access SDT only indirectly by using other providers.


Because the sdt probes that are defined for the Oracle Linux kernel are likely to change over time, they are not listed here. Both the name stability and the data stability of the probes are Private, which reflects the kernel's implementation and should not be interpreted as a commitment to preserve these interfaces. For more information, see Chapter 16, DTrace Stability Features.