Chapter 18 DTrace Versioning

In the chapter, Chapter 16, DTrace Stability Features, the DTrace features for determining the stability attributes of D programs that you create are described. When you have created a D program with the appropriate stability attributes, you might also choose to bind this program to a particular version of the D programming interface.

The D interface version is a label that is applied to a particular set of types, variables, functions, constants, and translators that are made available to you by the D compiler. If you specify a binding to a specific version of the D programming interface, you ensure that you can recompile your program on future versions of DTrace without encountering conflicts between program identifiers that you define, as well as identifiers that are defined in future versions of the D programming interface. You should establish version bindings for any D programs that you want to install as persistent scripts or use in layered tools. See Chapter 9, Scripting for more information about using DTrace scripts.


DTrace versioning in Oracle Linux is not currently interoperable with DTrace versioning on other operating system platforms.