GET /api/1/machine/$UUID/describe

GET /api/1/machine/$UUID/describe returns information about the machine with the specified UUID. The UUID of a machine is stored in /var/lib/uptrack/uuid and can be retrieved by using the machines query. The response is a dictionary of the same form that GET /api/1/machines returns, except that it includes the following additional fields:


Ksplice has applied all of the important security and reliability updates that are needed to bring the machine into line with this kernel version.


The group to which the machine is assigned. You can also use the web interface to manage machine groups.


A list of 2-element dictionaries of the form {'ID': update_id, 'Name': update_name} that represent the updates currently installed on the machine. update_id is the ID code of an update (for example, diptbg4f) and update_name is a short descriptive name for the update (for example, CVE-2010-0415: Information Leak in sys_move_pages).


The kernel version that the system had before any Ksplice updates were applied.


A list of two-element lists of the form [action, {'ID': update_id, 'Name': update_name}],which represent the updates that need to be installed or removed to bring the machine up to date. For the action argument, you can specify Install or Remove. Note that an existing update is removed if it superseded by a more recent version.