GET /api/1/machines

GET /api/1/machines returns a list of all registered machines. The list includes inactive machines that have uninstalled Uptrack or that have not reported in to the Uptrack server recently. The list does not include machines that you have hidden by using the web interface. The response is a list of machines, represented as dictionaries, as shown in the following example:

      hostname: uptrack.example.com,
      last_seen: '2010-04-26T18:03:43Z',
      uuid: e82ba0ae-ad0a-4b92-a776-62b502bfd29d,
      active: true,
      status: uptodate,
      authorization: allowed,
      autoinstall: true,
      mmap_min_addr: 4096,
      uptrack_client_version: 1.2.1

The status field contains one of the following values:


Additional updates are available for installation on the machine.


The machine's kernel is not supported by Ksplice Uptrack.


All available updates have been installed on the machine.

The authorization field contains one of the following values:


The machine is allowed to communicate with the Uptrack servers and to receive updates.


The machine has been denied access to the Uptrack servers via the web interface, uptrack-api-authorize, or the authorize API call.


This account has the default deny policy set for new machines, and the machine has not yet been authorized.

The autoinstall field indicates if autoinstall is set on the machine.

The mmap_min_addr field is the value of /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr or None for clients prior to version 1.0.3.

The uptrack_client_version field is the version of the Uptrack client that the machine is running.