4.5.2 About the uptrack-api-describe Command

The uptrack-api-describe command uses the describe API call to get detailed information about a single machine specified by its UUID, for example:

$ uptrack-api-describe -u api_username -k api_key uuid
    prod1.mydom.com (
    Effective kernel: 2.6.18-194.11.1.el5
    This machine is no longer active
    Last seen on 2010-09-12T10:19:35Z
    OS status: Up to date

Alternatively, you can specify the --this-machine option if you are running the script on the machine you want to check:

$ uptrack-api-describe -u api_username -k api_key --this-machine
    qa.mydom.com (
    Effective kernel: 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5
    This machine is active
    Last seen on 2010-09-15T12:43:07Z
    OS status: Out of date:
      * Install v8gacfip CVE-2010-2521: Remote buffer overflow in NFSv4 server.
      * Install 3c4sopia CVE-2010-2226: Read access to write-only files in XFS filesystem.
      * Install oiqwvltu CVE-2010-2240: Privilege escalation vulnerability in memory management.