2.5.4 Specifying the User Name and API Key

If you set the username and api_key variables in the configuration file /etc/uptrack-api.conf, you do not need to supply these variables as command-line arguments to the scripts. Place the variables under an [uptrack] section heading, for example:

username = jo.admin@mydom.com
api_key  = 3af3c2c1ec407feb0fdc9fc1d8c4460c 

You can also set the user name and api key in the UPTRACK_API_USERNAME and UPTRACK_API_KEY environment variables, for example:

$ export UPTRACK_API_USERNAME=jo.admin@mydom.com
$ export UPTRACK_API_KEY=3af3c2c1ec407feb0fdc9fc1d8c4460c
$ uptrack-api-describe --this-machine