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Unbreakable Linux Network User's Guide

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January 2019

Table of Contents

1 About the Unbreakable Linux Network
1.1 About the rhn-setup Package
1.2 About ULN Channels
1.3 About Software Errata
1.4 For More Information About ULN
2 CSI Administration
2.1 Becoming a CSI Administrator
2.2 Listing Active CSIs and Transferring Their Registered Servers
2.3 Listing Expired CSIs and Transferring Their Registered Servers
2.4 Removing a CSI Administrator
3 ULN Registration
3.1 Registering as a ULN User
3.2 Registering an Oracle Linux System With ULN
3.3 Migrating from RHN to ULN
4 ULN System Management
4.1 ULN Channel Subscription Management
4.1.1 Managing ULN Channel Subscription by Using the ULN Web Interface
4.2 Modifying System Details
4.3 Configuring the Use of a Proxy Server
4.4 Updating a System by Using Yum
4.5 Disabling ULN Package Updates
4.6 Browsing Available Errata for a System
4.7 Removing a System From ULN
5 Creating and Using a Local ULN Mirror
5.1 Prerequisites for the Local ULN Mirror
5.2 Setting up a Local ULN Mirror
5.3 ULN Mirror Configuration
5.4 Updating the Repositories on a Local ULN Mirror
5.5 Configuring yum on a Local ULN Mirror
5.6 Configuring Access to a Local ULN Mirror
A The Unbreakable Linux Network API
A.1 Authentication Methods
A.1.1 auth.login
A.1.2 auth.logout
A.2 Channel Methods
A.2.1 channel.listSoftwareChannels
A.3 Channel Software Methods
A.4 Errata Methods
A.4.1 errata.applicableToChannels
A.4.2 errata.getDetails
A.4.3 errata.listCves
A.4.4 errata.listPackages
A.5 Packages Methods
A.5.1 packages.getDetails
A.5.2 packages.listProvidingErrata
A.6 System Methods
A.6.1 system.deleteSystems