4.1.1 Managing ULN Channel Subscription by Using the ULN Web Interface

If you have registered your system with ULN, you can subscribe the system to the channels that are available for the level of support that is associated with the CSI.

To subscribe your system to ULN channels:

  1. Log in to https://linux.oracle.com with your ULN user name and password.

  2. On the Systems tab, click the link named for the system in the list of registered machines.

  3. On the System Details page, click Manage Subscriptions.

  4. On the System Summary page, select channels from the list of available or subscribed channels and click the arrows to move the channels between the lists.

  5. When you have finished selecting channels, click Save Subscriptions.

Note that you can view a complete listing of all available channels, for all operating systems and all architectures, by clicking on the Channels tab when you are logged into https://linux.oracle.com. You can use the Release and Architecture drop-down selection boxes to limit the listing to a particular operating system release and architecture.