Installing OSWbb

To install OSWbb:

  1. Log on to My Oracle Support (MOS) at https://support.oracle.com.

  2. Download OSWatcher from the link listed by Doc ID 301137.1 at https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=301137.1.

  3. Copy the file to the directory where you want to install OSWbb, and run the following command:

    # tar xvf oswbbVERS.tar

    VERS represents the version number of OSWatcher, for example 730 for OSWatcher 7.30.

    Extracting the tar file creates a directory named oswbb, which contains all the directories and files that are associated with OSWbb, including the startOSWbb.sh script.

  4. To enable the collection of iostat information for NFS volumes, edit the OSWatcher.sh script in the oswbb directory, and set the value of nfs_collect to 1: