Analysing OSWbb Archived Files

From release v4.0.0, you can use the OSWbb analyzer (OSWbba) to provide information on system slowdowns, system hangs and other performance problems, and also to graph data collected from iostat, netstat, and vmstat. OSWbba requires that you have installed Java version 1.4.2 or higher on your system. You can use yum to install Java, or you can download a Java RPM for Linux from http://www.java.com.

Use the following command to run OSWbba from the oswbb directory:

# java -jar oswbba.jar -i OSWbba_archive

OSWbba_archive is the path of the archive directory that contains the OSWbb log files.

You can use OSWbba to display the following types of performance graph:

  • Process run, wait and block queues.

  • CPU time spent running in system, user, and idle mode.

  • Context switches and interrupts.

  • Free memory and available swap.

  • Reads per second, writes per second, service time for I/O requests, and percentage utilization of bandwidth for a specified block device.

You can also use OSWbba to save the analysis to a report file, which reports instances of system slowdown,spikes in run queue length, or memory shortage, describes probable causes, and offers suggestions of how to improve performance.

# java -jar oswbba.jar -i OSWbba_archive -A

For more information about OSWbb and OSWbba, refer to the OSWatcher Black Box User Guide (Article ID 301137.1) and the OSWatcher Black Box Analyzer User Guide (Article ID 461053.1), which are available from My Oracle Support (MOS) at https://support.oracle.com.