18.7.1 Changing the Frequency of File System Checking

To change the number of mounts before the system automatically checks the file system for consistency:

# tune2fs -c mount_count device

where device specifies the block device corresponding to the file system.

A mount_count of 0 or -1 disables automatic checking based on the number of mounts.


Specifying a different value of mount_count for each file system reduces the probability that the system checks all the file systems at the same time.

To specify the maximum interval between file system checks:

# tune2fs -i interval[unit] device

The unit can be d, w, or m for days, weeks, or months. The default unit is d for days. An interval of 0 disables checking that is based on the time that has elapsed since the last check. Even if the interval is exceeded, the file system is not checked until it is next mounted.

For more information, see the tune2fs(8) manual page.