22.4.1 About LDAP Data Interchange Format

LDAP data itself is stored in a binary format. LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) is a plain-text representation of an LDAP entry that allows the import and export LDAP data, usually to transfer the data between systems, but it also allows you to use a text editor to modify the content.

The data for an entry in an LDIF file takes the form:

[id] dn: distinguished_name
attribute_type: value | [attribute=]value[, [attribute=] value]...
objectClass: value

The optional id number is determined by the application that you use to edit the entry. Each attribute type for an entry contains either a value or a comma-separated list of attribute and value pairs as defined in the LDAP directory schema.

There must be a blank line between each dn definition section or include: line. There must not be any other blank lines or any white space at the ends of lines. White space at the start of a line indicates a continuation of the previous line.