23.9 Granting sudo Access to Users

By default, an Oracle Linux system is configured so that you cannot log in directly as root. You must log in as a named user before using either su or sudo to perform tasks as root. This configuration allows system accounting to trace the original login name of any user who performs a privileged administrative action. If you want to grant certain users authority to be able to perform specific administrative tasks via sudo, use the visudo command to modify the /etc/sudoers file.

For example, the following entry grants the user erin the same privileges as root when using sudo, but defines a limited set of privileges to frank so that he can run commands such as chkconfig, service, rpm, and yum:

erin           ALL=(ALL)       ALL
frank          ALL= SERVICES, SOFTWARE

For more information, see the su(1), sudo(8), sudoers(5), and visudo(8) manual pages.