19.16 Creating a Local OCFS2 File System

To create an OCFS2 file system that will be locally mounted and not associated with a cluster, use the following command:

# mkfs.ocfs2 -M local --fs-features=local -N 1 [options] device

For example, create a locally mountable OCFS2 volume on /dev/sdc1 with one node slot and the label localvol:

# mkfs.ocfs2 -M local --fs-features=local -N 1 -L "localvol" /dev/sdc1

You can use the tunefs.ocfs2 utility to convert a local OCTFS2 file system to cluster use, for example:

# umount /dev/sdc1
# tunefs.ocfs2 -M cluster --fs-features=cluster -N 8 /dev/sdc1

This example also increases the number of node slots from 1 to 8 to allow up to eight nodes to mount the file system.

For information about using OCFS2 with clusters, see Chapter 21, Oracle Cluster File System Version 2.