16.5.1 About the Keepalived Configuration File

The /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf configuration file is divided into the following sections:


Defines global settings such as the email addresses for sending notification messages, the IP address of an SMTP server, the timeout value for SMTP connections in seconds, a string that identifies the host machine, the VRRP IPv4 and IPv6 multicast addresses, and whether SNMP traps should be enabled.

static_ipaddress, static_routes

Define static IP addresses and routes, which VRRP cannot change. These sections are not required if the addresses and routes are already defined on the servers and these servers already have network connectivity.


Defines a VRRP synchronization group of VRRP instances that fail over together.


Defines a moveable virtual IP address for a member of a VRRP synchronization group's internal or external network interface, which accompanies other group members during a state transition. Each VRRP instance must have a unique value of virtual_router_id, which identifies which interfaces on the master and backup servers can be assigned a given virtual IP address. You can also specify scripts that are run on state transitions to BACKUP, MASTER, and FAULT, and whether to trigger SMTP alerts for state transitions.


Defines a tracking script that Keepalived can run at regular intervals to perform monitoring actions from a vrrp_instance or vrrp_sync_group section.


Defines a virtual server group, which allows a real server to be a member of several virtual server groups.


Defines a virtual server for load balancing, which is composed of several real servers.

For examples of how to configure Keepalived, see: