A.10 perf Utility

  • Add the --symfs option to perf annotate. (3.2)

  • Add the drop monitor script. (3.2)

  • Add the -o and --append options to perf stat. (3.2)

  • Add the -M option. (3.2)

  • Add annotation output controls to all perf tools that have integrated annotation. (3.2)

  • Include information about the host environment in perf.data:


    Host name.


    Kernel release number.


    Hardware architecture.


    Generic CPU description.


    Number of online, available CPUs.


    perf command line.


    perf version.


    CPU topology.


    Full event description (attrs).


    Easy-to-parse, low-level CPU identification.


  • Accept FIFOs as input files. (3.3)

  • Add -a option for system-wide profiling. (3.3)

  • Implement printing snapshots to files. (3.6)

  • Add sort by source line number. (3.6)

  • Add PMU event alias support. (3.6)

  • Add support for perf kvm stat to analyze kvm vmexit, mmio, and ioport. (3.7)

  • Add union member access. (3.7)

  • Add --list-opts option to print long option names for use with bash. (3.7)

  • Add script browser. (3.8)

  • Add new display options (-F, -p, and -P) to perf diff. (3.8)

  • perf inject now supports input from a file. 3.8

  • Add --pre and --post options to perf stat. (3.8)

  • Add gtk.command config option to launch the GTK browser. This is equivalent to specifying --gtk option on command line (3.8)

  • Add new features to perf trace. (3.8)

  • Expose hardware events translations in sysfs. (3.8)

  • Add trace_options boot parameter to set trace options at boot time, such as enabling event stack dumps. (3.8)