Chapter 1 Introducing DTrace

This chapter introduces the dynamic tracing (DTrace) facility of Oracle Linux. You can use DTrace to examine the behavior of the operating system and of user-space programs that have been instrumented with DTrace probes. The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) build is enabled to run DTrace. UEK is the kernel that is compiled for use on Oracle Linux. You could run a Linux kernel other than UEK on Oracle Linux, but DTrace would most likely not be enabled and available, as UEK is the kernel that is included with Oracle Linux.

Note that more recent versions of UEK often have better DTrace functionality than earlier versions. The largest set of DTrace features and improvements are available on the latest DTrace-enabled kernels.

This tutorial assumes that you are using UEK on the x86_64 architecture. Note that UEK releases for any other architectures might not include support for all of the providers that are discussed in this tutorial.