2.1 Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this update.


  • The usage message for the -c option to the btrfs qgroup limit command has been updated to make it clear that the quota limit is always enforced after compression and it is not possible to turn off this option. (Bug ID 16557528)

  • The btrfs receive command no longer causes an error when you retrieve data containing subvolumes. (Bug ID 17661845)

  • When you create a subdirectory in a directory that has the default ACLs (access control lists), the newly created subdirectory did not inherit the defaults from the parent. The ACLs are now applied correctly. (Bug ID 17669341)

  • Several performance and stability fixes. (Bug ID 17790692)

  • Due to the copy-on-write design of btrfs, snapshots can share the same data blocks. In UEK R3, sharing could be broken by defragmentation. This has been fixed. (Bug ID 18098511)


  • Support for SMB2 has been enabled in UEK R3. (Bug ID 17486287)


  • The vtimestamp() function now works correctly. The function keeps track of how much time a task has spent actually processing on a CPU. (Bug ID 17741477)

  • The SDT (Statically Defined Tracing) provider has been improved so that probes for kernel modules can now be enabled. Previously you could only enable probes in the core kernel. (Bug ID 17851716)

  • The dev_statname and dev_pathname in the devinfo_t structure now contains the correct information when the device is not partitioned. (Bug ID 17973698)


  • If an ext4 file system is full, preallocated space may not be writeable. (Bug ID 17347111)


  • The io_submit call is slow because it flushes writes. (Bug ID 14548775)


  • On an NFSv4 mount with delegations enabled, a file opened as RDWR and as RDONLY by several clients could cause a kernel crash when the state recovery process begins. (Bug ID 17931281)


  • The default coherency mount option is now buffered for better performance with direct I/O writes. Previously it was full. (Bug ID 17988729)


  • New files and directories created under the original directory now correctly inherit the group from the SGID group. (Bug ID 17354234)


  • The race condition between dentry put and lookup in configfs is fixed. (Bug ID 17931342)