1.2.2 Hyper-V Daemons

The hyperv-daemons package, which includes the hypervfcopyd, hypervkvpd, and hypervvssd packages, provides the Hyper-V file-copy, key-value pair (KVP), and volume shadow copy service (VSS) daemons for an Oracle Linux guest that is running under Hyper-V on a Microsoft Windows host.

The file-copy daemon (hv_fcopy_daemon) implements a file-copying service (hypervfcopyd) between the host and a guest.

The KVP daemon (hv_kvp_daemon) implements the hypervkvpd service, which uses the virtual machine bus (VMbus) to send information about a guest to the host.

The VSS daemon (hv_vss_daemon) implements the hypervvssd service, which allows you to create snapshots and backups of volumes from the host without preventing processes that are running in a guest from writing to or reading from those volumes.

Reboot the guest after installing the package.