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Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Release Notes     Oracle VM Server for SPARC
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1.  Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Release Notes

What's New in This Release

System Requirements

Supported Platforms

Required Software and Patches

Required and Recommended Oracle Solaris OS Versions

Required Software to Enable Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Features

Required and Recommended System Firmware Patches

Minimum Version of Software Required

Direct I/O Hardware and Software Requirements

PCIe SR-IOV Hardware and Software Requirements

Location of the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Software

Location of Patches

Location of Documentation

Related Software

Optional Software

Software That Can Be Used With the Logical Domains Manager

System Controller Software That Interacts With Logical Domains Software

Upgrading to the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Software

Deprecated Features in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Release

Known Issues

General Issues

Upgrading From Oracle Solaris 10 OS Older Than Oracle Solaris 10 5/08 OS

Service Processor and System Controller Are Interchangeable Terms

In Certain Conditions, a Guest Domain's Solaris Volume Manager Configuration or Metadevices Can Be Lost

Logical Domain Channels and Logical Domains

Memory Size Requirements

Booting a Large Number of Domains

Cleanly Shutting Down and Power Cycling a Logical Domains System

Memory Size Requested Might Be Different From Memory Allocated

Logical Domains Variable Persistence

Oracle's Sun SNMP Management Agent Does Not Support Multiple Domains

Delayed Reconfiguration

Cryptographic Units

ldmp2v convert Command: VxVM Warning Messages During Boot

Oracle Hard Partitioning Requirements for Software Licenses

Upgrade Option Not Presented When Using ldmp2v prepare -R

Block of Dynamically Added Memory Can Be Dynamically Removed Only as a Whole

ldmp2v Command: ufsdump Archiving Method Is No Longer Used

Only One CPU Configuration Operation Is Permitted to Be Performed During a Delayed Reconfiguration

Domain Migration Restrictions

Version Restrictions for Migration

SPARC M5 and SPARC T5 Support for cpu-arch=generic Migration

CPU Restrictions for Migration

Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB Issues

snmptable Command Does Not Work With the Version 2 or Version 3 Option

Bugs Affecting the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 Software

send_mondo_set: timeout Panic Occurs When Using the ldm stop Command on a Guest Domain After Stress

SPARC T5 and SPARC M5: While SR-IOV Devices Are in Use, Attempts to Unbind or Remove Resource Hangs And Cannot Be Stopped by Using Ctrl-C

Dynamically Adding a Faulted Strand to a Domain Might Result in a Panic

Subdevices Under a PCIe Device Revert to an Unassigned Name

SPARC M5-32: panic: mpo_cpu_add: Cannot read MD

SPARC M5-32: Root Complex Failover Might Lead to an Incorrect Direct I/O Guest Domain Configuration

SPARC M5-32: Issue With Disks That Are Accessible Through Multiple Direct I/O Paths

ixgbevf Device in SR-IOV Domains Might Become Disabled When Rebooting the primary Domain

Reboot of the Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 primary Domain Might Not Automatically Plumb or Assign an IP Address to a Virtual Function Interface

ILOM Power Capper Should Synchronize Adjustment Updates with /SYS/VPS Updates

A Guest Domain Cannot Boot When IOV-Loaned Devices Are Disabled

mutex_enter: bad mutex Panic in primary Domain During a Reboot or Shutdown

SPARC M5-32: LSI-SAS Controller Is Incorrectly Exported With SR-IOV

Cannot Set a Jumbo MTU for sxge Virtual Functions In the primary Domain of a SPARC T5-1B

Previously Blacklisted Resources Are Erroneously Marked as Available With a Pending Evacuation After a Logical Domains Manager Restart

ldmd Is Unable to Set the mac-addr and alt-mac-addrs Property Values for the sxge Device

ldm list-io -d Output for an sxge Device on SPARC T5-1B Is Missing Two Properties

Additional Restrictions for Migration

ldmconfig Fails: Fix for Bug ID 15972394 Precludes Unmodified factory-default Configuration

CPU DR of Very Large Number of Virtual CPUs Can Appear to Fail

Migration of a Guest Domain With HIO Virtual Networks and cpu-arch=generic Times Out While Waiting for the Domain to Suspend

SPARC T4-4: Unable to Bind a Guest Domain

Guest Domain Can Panic When CPU DR is Performed After a Cross-CPU Migration

Guest Domain Fails to Boot When the Memory is Highly Fragmented

CPU Dynamic Reconfiguration of Available CPUs Causes an lpl_topo_verify fail -5 Panic

Root Domains Cannot Have Dependencies on Other Root Domains

Guest Domain Panics After a Migration When Cores are Added

Guest Domain Panics While Changing the threading Property Value From max-throughput to max-ipc

The Control Domain Hangs on Reboot With Two Active Direct I/O Domains

ldm rm-io Should Accept --dry-run as an Alias for -n

SPARC T3 and SPARC T4: Domain With a Virtual Network Device or a Virtual Switch Under Heavy Stress Might Panic

Migration Problems Arise Between Systems That Have Different Firmware Versions Installed

No Error Message When a Memory DR Add is Partially Successful

Primary or Guest Domain Panics When Unbinding or Migrating a Guest Domain That Has Hybrid I/O Network Devices

Unable to Stop a Domain With the ldm stop or ldm stop -f Command

PCIe Fabrics Are Not Accessible by Guest Domains When 11 or More Domains Have PCIe Devices

Re-creating a Domain That Has PCIe Virtual Functions From an XML File Fails

Incorrect Error Message Issued When Changing the Control Domain From Using Whole Cores to Using Partial Cores

ldm init-system Command Cannot Correctly Re-create a Domain That Has Virtual Function Devices

Logical Domains Manager Might Crash and Restart When You Attempt to Modify Many Domains Simultaneously

Attempt to Exceed the Maximum Number of Unicast Slots of ixgbe Physical Functions and Virtual Functions Does Not Fail

Control Domain Requires the Lowest Core in the System

ldmd Daemon Does Not Come Online

After Canceling a Migration, ldm Commands That Are Run on the Target System Are Unresponsive

Some Emulex Cards Do Not Work When Assigned to I/O Domain

Guest Domain Panics When Running the cputrack Command During a Migration to a SPARC T4 System

Oracle Solaris 11: DRM Stealing Reports Oracle Solaris DR Failure and Retries

Limit the Maximum Number of Virtual Functions That Can Be Assigned to a Domain

Guest Domain That Uses Cross-CPU Migration Reports Random Uptimes After the Migration Completes

Oracle Solaris 10: ixgbe Driver Might Cause a Panic When Booted With an Intel Dual Port Ethernet Controller X540 Card

Version 8.2.0 of the System Firmware Contains a New Version of the scvar Database

Destroying All Virtual Functions and Returning the Slots to the Root Domain Does Not Restore the Root Complex Resources

ldm remove-io of PCIe Cards That Have PCIe-to-PCI Bridges Should Be Disallowed

ldm stop Command Might Fail If Issued Immediately After an ldm start Command

init-system Does Not Restore Named Core Constraints for Guest Domains From Saved XML Files

Using ldm set-io to Change pvid Value Twice in Succession Might Cause a Configuration Failure

System Panics When Rebooting a primary Domain That Has a Very Large Number of Virtual Functions Assigned

Vague SR-IOV Error Message: Create vf failed

Oracle Solaris 11 OS: Using Direct I/O to Remove Multiple PCIe Slots From the primary Domain on a Multi-Socket SPARC T-Series or Fujitsu M10 System Might Panic at Boot Time

Partial Core primary Fails to Permit Whole-Core DR Transitions

After a primary Domain Reboot, igb and ixgbe Virtual Functions That Are Assigned to the primary Domain Become Faulty

ldm list-io Command Shows the UNK or INV State After Boot

Migrating a Very Large Memory Domain on SPARC T4-4s Results in a Panicked Domain on the Target System

Removing a Large Number of CPUs From a Guest Domain Fails

Cannot Use Oracle Solaris Hot-Plug Operations to Hot-Remove a PCIe Endpoint Device

Virtual Disk Validation Fails for a Physical Disk With No Slice 2

nxge Panics When Migrating a Guest Domain That Has Hybrid I/O and Virtual I/O Virtual Network Devices

All ldm Commands Hang When Migrations Have Missing Shared NFS Resources

Logical Domains Agent Service Does Not Come Online If the System Log Service Does Not Come Online

Kernel Deadlock Causes Machine to Hang During a Migration

DRM and ldm list Output Shows a Different Number of Virtual CPUs Than Are Actually in the Guest Domain

Live Migration of a Domain That Depends on an Inactive Master Domain on the Target Machine Causes ldmd to Fault With a Segmentation Fault

DRM Fails to Restore the Default Number of Virtual CPUs for a Migrated Domain When the Policy Is Removed or Expired

Virtual CPU Timeout Failures During DR

Migration Failure Reason Not Reported When the System MAC Address Clashes With Another MAC Address

Simultaneous Migration Operations in "Opposite Direction" Might Cause ldm to Hang

Removing a Large Number of CPUs From the Control Domain Fails

System Running the Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 OS That Has the Elastic Policy Set Might Hang

pkgadd Fails to Set ACL Entries on /var/svc/manifest/platform/sun4v/ldmd.xml

SPARC T3-1: Issue With Disks That Are Accessible Through Multiple Direct I/O Paths

Memory DR Removal Operations With Multiple Plumbed NIU nxge Instances Can Hang Indefinitely and Never Complete

Using ldm stop -a Command on Domains in a Master-Slave Relationship Leaves the Slave With the stopping Flag Set

Migration of a Domain That Has an Enabled Default DRM Policy Results in a Target Domain Being Assigned All Available CPUs

An In-Use MAC Address Can be Reassigned

ldmconfig Cannot Create a Domain Configuration on the SP

Uncooperative Oracle Solaris Domain Migration Can Be Blocked If cpu0 Is Offline

Memory DR Is Disabled Following a Canceled Migration

Dynamic Reconfiguration of MTU Values of Virtual Network Devices Sometimes Fails

Migrated Domain With MAUs Contains Only One CPU When Target OS Does Not Support DR of Cryptographic Units

Confusing Migration Failure Message for Real Address Memory Bind Failures

Dynamically Removing All the Cryptographic Units From a Domain Causes SSH to Terminate

PCI Express Dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Card Shows Four Subdevices in ldm list-io -l Output

ldm Commands Are Slow to Respond When Several Domains Are Booting

Oracle Solaris 11: Zones Configured With an Automatic Network Interface Might Fail to Start

Oracle Solaris 10: Virtual Network Devices Are Not Created Properly on the Control Domain

Newly Added NIU/XAUI Adapters Are Not Visible to Host OS If Logical Domains Is Configured

I/O Domain or Guest Domain Panics When Booting From e1000g

Explicit Console Group and Port Bindings Are Not Migrated

Migration Does Not Fail If a vdsdev on the Target Has a Different Back End

Migration Can Fail to Bind Memory Even If the Target Has Enough Available

Logical Domains Manager Does Not Start If the Machine Is Not Networked and an NIS Client Is Running

Logical Domains Manager Displays Migrated Domains in Transition States When They Are Already Booted

Cannot Connect to Migrated Domain's Console Unless vntsd Is Restarted

Sometimes, Executing the uadmin 1 0 Command From a Logical Domains System Does Not Return the System to the OK Prompt

Logical Domains Manager Can Take Over 15 Minutes to Shut Down a Domain

If the Oracle Solaris 10 5/08 OS Is Installed on a Service Domain, Attempting a Net Boot of the Oracle Solaris 10 8/07 OS on Any Guest Domain Serviced By It Can Hang the Installation

scadm Command Can Hang Following an SC or SP Reset

Simultaneous Netinstallation of Multiple Domains Fails When in a Common Console Group

ldc_close: (0xb) unregister failed, 11 Warning Messages

Guest Domain With Too Many Virtual Networks on the Same Network Using DHCP Can Become Unresponsive

OpenBoot PROM Variables Cannot be Modified by the eeprom Command When the Logical Domains Manager Is Running

Cannot Set Security Keys With Logical Domains Running

Behavior of the ldm stop-domain Command Can Be Confusing

Documentation Errata

ldm(1M) Man Page: I/O Virtualization Commands Do Not Automatically Initiate a Delayed Reconfiguration

ldm(1M) Man Page: Dynamic Creation of Virtual Functions Is Not Supported

ldm(1M) Man Page: Only ldm add-spconfig -r Performs a Manual Recovery

Additional Restrictions for Migration

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues

The following RFEs and bugs have been fixed for the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 software release:


RFE: Constraint database needs to be tied to saved config


RFE: Domain Migration should work in PM Elastic mode


RFE: DRM should work in PM Elastic mode


RFE: ldm stop should trigger a graceful Solaris shutdown


RFE: Need a way to retrieve LDoms Guest Domain Power usage


ldm remove-reconf should not take more than 1 guest for argument


RFE: Deprecate XML v2 interface in Logical Domains Manager


RFE: Direct I/O and IOV support for non-primary Root Domains


PM hi water mark must be <= DRM's; DRM uses allocated-normalized util, PM use active-normalized util


Binding a domain should cause memory and cpus to occupy the same cpu socket


ldm ls should report normalized utilization information


RFE: LDoms support for Dynamic SR-IOV


Utilization interface should allow averaging history time to be specified


LDoms supports New PM policy that allows only low impact PM states


RFE: Board DR policy engine work for cpu & memory resources


RFE: Dynamic Direct IO (DDIO) support in Logical Domains Manager


“Do not change threading during delayed reconfig” to be explicitly stated in the docs


Primary and guest domain disks corrupted when using a physical disk for guest


RFE: Redesign bootset support


RFE: delayed reconfig enhancements for SR-IOV


RFE: LDoms support for Physical Domain DR


RFE: Need LDoms MIB support on S11


RFE: describe CPU power regions to the affinity engine


RFE: Logical Domains Manager must accept PRI updates for board DR, PM & FMA


Cancelling delayed reconfiguration does not restore extended-mapin-space value.


RFE: Board DR blacklist evacuation support for fault management


Primary panics on repeated delayed reconfig set/cancel of extended-mapin-space parameter


Clean up unneeded support for DR-based power management in code base


Assign reminder or unused interrupt resources to primary domain


ldm returns 0 on failure to start ldg


UUID is not immediately saved in the MD for bound domains if it did not previously exist


Memory leak in parse_mblock_str


Whole-core not handled correctly if there is no change to cpus


RFE: rc-add-policy and iov=on/off options to enable IOV features for a Root Complex


RFE: Board DR sequencing of removal/restoring of Root Complexes


RFE: Board DR tracking of evacuated I/O constraints


RFE: Recovery mode support for I/O configuration


Add Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2 man pages


Migration of named core domains fails if the target has corresponding core busy or non-existent


RFE: Create Coherency Link nodes in PM and modify PM to report that they are always bound


CPU DR skipped because the last crypto could not be removed from an active domain


Only set-vcpu should work with named cores, plus add|set|rm-core out of sync with add|set|rm-vcpu -c


ldmd dumps core (do_hv_pm_aync) on systems running s10u9_14a


PM: Add defensive code to guard against invalid SP budget string


SDIO config is not properly rebuilt when 'ldm init-system -r -i filename.xml' is used


P2V not failing on svm soft partitions appropriately


MIB: ldomVdsdevTable is displaying vdsdev details twice


When set-vcpu triggers delayed reconfig, redundant output messages can be seen


Unable to add VFs to the primary domain following the cancellation of delayed reconfiguration


Cross-CPU migration of guests with MAUs to platforms without MAUs fails


RFE: LDoms should retain the whole-core constraint across migrations


Cannot create anymore a Virt. Switch with the Java API, XMPP driver refuses the operation


Migration sometimes failed from a Logical Domains Manager 2.2 system to a 2.1 system


LDoms2.2_19 Logical Domains Manager crashes when LDoms 2.1 SDIO config is present


ldm ls-io -p listing has changed in ldoms_2.2 breaking existing automation


LDoms variables modified by eeprom command at the OS prompt may not persist when ldmd is running


LDoms/SR-IOV: ConnectX device should have better name than “IOVGEN”


LDoms/PM doesn't cope with non-sequential cpu chip IDs, and attempts to park all strands on a node


'ldm init-system -r -i filename.xml' does not reboot primary


Wrong error message for missing vdsdev on target: migration in progress


ldm should not allow empty backend name


Parfait 0.5 catches double free in pm_pap_sat.c and multiple file descriptor leaks in various files


Migration of domain with whole-core constraint from 2.2 to 2.1 patch fails


ldm list-io -l -p shows <device>, <device> for buses, rather than <device>, <alias>


RFE: Need to signal to SP when first guest is created by Logical Domains Manager


ldoms-incorporation needs facet.version-lock set in order to allow an unconstrained ldomsmanager


Certain high mblock configs or out of order PA bindings list can lead to assert


Japanese man pages need to be added to the 2.2 IPS manifests


Need to harden XML parser (FUZZ testing)


“Invalid HV MD contents” abort seen on attempting T3-2 power-on with saved max domain SP config


LDoms man pages all refer to “SunOS 5.10” (even on S11)


Box appears to hang when threading is incorrect prior to the whole-core constraint


Affinity bind should call PM function for memory selections


XML representation of guest domain with VF devices does not store VFs as constraints


ldm list-constraints parseable output has 'dev' displaying device alias and is missing device path


'ldm list-spconfig -r' may return “No autosave configurations” when there are valid autosaves


ldmd aborts and restarts on repeated extended-mapin-space set and cancel of del. reconf. operations

7155057 “ldm bind ldg8” fails with “Power Management Failure”


Setting unicast slots to a number exceeding the maximum supported causes it to be reset to 0


ldm init-system command report 'disk server not found' error


ldmd should return failure message to fmd if a page retire request fails


Memory leaks in pm_testlib


“Solaris_audit au_write bad audit descriptor: Bad file number” found during ldoms vcpu setup


ldmd crashed on “fatal error: Frag HV MD assign failed” on powercycle boot to factory-default.


ldmp2v collect phase needs to check zone status more strict


Logical Domains Manager spurious warning: Frag assign for '_sys_'/HV MD memory size mismatch, asked for X should be Y


M5/T5: Migration fails initialization on Logical Domains Manager startup


Further vnet addition after system ran out of LDCs caused ldmd SEGV crash and restart


ldmd fails large config spconfig saves due to reduced timeouts


Unable to “re-bind” guest domain if some cpu strands are ILOM disabled


Package system/ldoms/ldomsmanager delivers broken symlink


ldmd coredumps & goes into maintenance mode when attempting rm-io post delayed reconf cancellation


RFE: Add authorization capabilities to the Observability Module


Logical Domains Manager should provide normalized vcpu utilization data for DRM/PM


Delayed reconfig type not persisted across ldmd restarts


RFE: Facility for LDoms to log all guest console messages


ldm ls-io output incorrectly shows niantic PFs even after card is assigned (DIO) to a guest domain


Idle domain with threading=max-ipc shows 88% utilization


Sending XML/XMPP v2 contents but with a v3 version causes ldmd to core dump


RFE: Add to Logical Domains Manager support for platform-specific shared-object modules


Domain with threading=max-ipc loses VCPUs on Logical Domains Manager restart


Logical Domains Manager aborts when it fails to allocate a frag for IO domains


Add pm-address-congruence-offset property to mblock nodes for memory power management


Adding of vnet updates do not generate traps ldomVnetChange trap


Fortify: Replace uses of strcpy with strlcpy


ldmd core dumps when boundary case {add|rm}-core operations are attempted


ldomVconsGroupName shows stale information after a change in group name using ldm set-vcons


SNMP MIB functions don't handle new user names in a safe manner


DIOV: remove-io <slot> primary should not dynamically remove slot when using non-diov FW


LDoms 2.2 admin guide: ldomMIB is missing in the mib tree


SNMP MIBs are not described in Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2


RFE: LDoms PM must be made a RTL loadable external shared-object


Remove strcpy from mib/*.c


RFE: Fujitsu M10 Guest Domain error notification feature support on OVM


RFE: Capacity on Demand with OVM for SPARC on Fujitsu M10 system


RFE: HV Debug support


RFE: Support to Collect Information of PCI-Express Card on XSCF


RFE: OVM Fujitsu M10 Power Management support


RFE: Fujitsu M10 RAS feature support on OVM


RFE: Fujitsu M10 OVM supports for SP initiated ordered shutdown


RFE: OVM Fujitsu M10 System Core support


Constraints database needs to encode special chars


set-core fails with a message reporting incorrect number of total cores available


XML list-constraints output needs to encode special chars


install-ldm should print warning and exit if OS is not S10


LDoms documentation is not precise in “How to Control Access to All Domain Consoles”


RFE: Create IPS packages for MIB and test libraries


Parfait 1.0 reports File and Memory Leak errors in Logical Domains Manager codebase


RFE: Cross CPU Migration support between Fujitsu M10 server and T series


Change of vnet MTU does not trigger any MIB traps


Change of vsw mtu, vlan and inter-vnet-link failed to trigger traps


LDOMSAG: Chapter 1 Service domain needs minor correction


LDOMSAG: Adding iso image


LDOMSAG: ldm inter-vnet-link property


Device-specific properties of a vf destroyed by board evacuation need to be saved/restored


Adjust PM policy constraint values


ldm ls-devices -a core shows core id out of order after CMU add operations


ldmp2v collect aborts saying patchadd missing instead of saying S11 not supported


Solaris 'eeprom' command timeouts due to MD downloads taking too long


RFE: crash recovery subsystem for Logical Domains Manager


“ldm set-mem --auto-adj 4G primary” failed to adjust memory close to 4G and claim all mem in used


RFE: Add fan and memory power consumption data to Obs Mod


Logical Domains Manager frag code should notify PM when mblock is used/unused


Problem with mgmt/migration


Merge unit test hg repo into Logical Domains Manager source hg repo


Add DBG macros for XML & XMPP and improve general XML debug output


Misc cleanup of XMPP code to harden it against errors


Board DR blacklist pending evacuation completion cleanup for the guest reboot scenario


OPL systems with pkg:/group/system/solaris-large-server not svcs -x clean after installation


ldmd fails: fatal error: xmalloc of negative size (-160) at 274 in ldomcli/vcpu_cmds.c


DR sequencing fails to cleanup when one of the sequencing event fails


Primary config'd with threading=max-ipc but no whole-core constraint set while in delay-reconf


RFE: list-io command output need to be improved for large systems


ldm add-config -r fails on T4 with SysFW 8.4.0


frag_pri_reloc() causing core dump on Fujitsu M10


ldmd core dumps when creating guests (start -i <file>) and failed to create multiple guest domains


pmi_boottime_var_add() does an LDoms database add in delayed reconfig


Explicitly document that setting ldmd/hops to '0' by default does not mean do no checking


Active pm policy not being set transitioning from disabled to elastic policy


Incompatible return type from ldm_add_pciedev()


Repopulation of evacuated IO domains is inefficient


IB SR-IOV: ldmd crashes while creating a VF from an IB SR-IOV Physical function


PM sample_time calculation may cause overflow


ls-constraints CORE COUNT does not make sense for domains without whole-core


MAC Address collision in a logical domain while migrating or adding new vnet


RFE: Allow multiple vsw per network adaptor on Crossbow to support OVMM live migration


Memory leak in iov_bind_vfs (iov_cmd.c)


Guest domain panic during dr_mem?dr_mem_configure+0x94


Race condition between handle_mac_response_msg and get_remote_ip_addr


add-core and rm-core should fail if the domain is not whole-core constrained


Warning: md_notify_guest_state: unexpected result 2. Unable to notify SP first guest created


Warning: HV guest start operation failed (7)


RFE: platform information tool for ovs-agent


SNMP OIDs for Fujitsu M10 PM are incorrect


skip_mblock_t definition does not match mblock_t