2 Qualified Tape Libraries, Drives and Virtual Tape Products

This chapter describes the tape libraries, drives, and virtual tape products qualified for Oracle Auto Service Request.

For more information about Oracle Tape Storage products:


2.1 Enable Oracle ASR or Enable Remote Diagnostics and Remediation

Contact your local account team to determine eligibility.

2.2 Fault Coverage

See the Oracle ASR Fault Coverage for Storage Products via Service Delivery Platform 2 (SDP2) document for fault coverage details:


2.3 Transport Mechanism Overview

Service Delivery Platform 2 (SDP2): A support solution that can be implemented to provide Auto Service Request (ASR) and remote diagnostic and remediation for many Oracle StorageTek storage devices. Supported devices with SDP2 include:

  • Tape Drives: T10000A/B/C/D, 9940B, 9840B/C/D

  • Tape Libraries: SL8500, SL3000, SL500, SL150

  • Virtual Tape: V2X, VSM4, VSM5, VSM6, VLE


VSM6 and VLE use CAM to send alerts, but starting with SDP2 V2.3.1, CAM alerts can be integrated into SDP2 for single ASR aggregation point for tape products. Refer to the SDP2 release notes (within eDelivery code download).