What's New

Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is designed to automatically request Oracle service when specific faults occur. This chapter identifies the features and enhancements provided by Oracle Auto Service Request Release 5.5.1.

The Oracle ASR Manager Release 5.5.1 software upgrade is quick to install and is available for download from http://oracle.com/asr.

All customers are urged to upgrade to this release at their earliest convenience. See ASR Manager Auto Update for instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version of the ASR Manager.


Support for Oracle Auto Service Request is limited to the current release and the two previous releases. Oracle now supports ASR 5.5.1, 5.5, and 5.4. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version. See ASR Manager Auto Update for more information.

Features and Enhancements for Oracle ASR Release 5.5.1

The Oracle Auto Service Request Release 5.5.1 includes the following features:

  • Corrects two issues with ASR Manager 5.5, where:

    • The list_asset command is not displaying assets if associated with an Engineered Systems product.

    • The list_asset - c command is incorrectly parsing values during listing export.

Features and Enhancements for Oracle ASR Release 5.5

The Oracle Auto Service Request Release 5.5 includes the following features:

  • Multiple fixes to ASR Auto Update including scenarios where failures result in the ASR Manager in a non-running state.

  • Corrects an issue where the SFT log shows the incorrect file transfer time for large files.

  • Adds support for ASR Manager Auto Update behind an ASR Manager Relay.

  • Adds support for SNMPv3 AES192 and AES256.

  • Improvements to the list_asset command.

Features and Enhancements for Oracle ASR Release 5.4

The Oracle Auto Service Request Release 5.4 includes the following features:

  • Oracle Secure File Transfer (SFT) is now part of ASR Manager. SFT is now part of the ASR Manager download and no longer has a dependency on Oracle Automated Service Manager (OASM). See the Oracle Secure File Transport User's Guide for details.

  • ASR Manager now supports IPv6 on the customer's network. See ASR Manager on IPv6 for details.

  • The list_asset command has been improved to show asset parent/child relationships (if appropriate and when available) as well as list last heartbeat information.

  • The test_connection command has been updated to include HTTP listener details if it has been enabled.

  • The local SNMP Service Request (SR) notification capability has been expanded to include notification for any ASR SR updates to an already open SR if desired.

  • Corrects known issues where ASR auto-update and diagnostic bundle gather does not work for ASR Managers using an ASR Manager Relay.

  • Adds serial number as a valid argument to the deactivate_asset/disable_asset commands.

  • The asr disable command has been enhanced to allow the user to select a time period (1 - 48 hours) for auto enable of the ASR Manager assets after the selected time period. See Disabling and Enabling ASR Auto Update for details.

  • Corrects a known issue with ASR Manager 5.3 where the first time the show_version command is run log4j:WARN warning messages are displayed.

Known Issues for ASR Manager

  • Warning messages for the show_version command: The first time the show_version command is run using ASR Manager 5.3, log4j:WARN warning messages will be displayed. These warnings are benign and can be ignored. Running the command again resolves the issue.

  • Transport URL change required: The following two end points are no long valid for use:

    • transport.sun.com (

    • transport.sun.co.uk (

    You may need to update your configuration to use transport.oracle.com (

    Instructions for how to determine if this change is needed and how to make the change is provided in My Oracle Support (MOS) Doc ID 1954819.1: