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Using Oracle® Solaris 11.4 StatsStore and System Web Interface

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Updated: November 2020

Using Statistics Store Identifier Aliases

Sometimes you can access the same statistic, resource, or event by using different statistics store identifiers, known as aliases.

  • Statistic operations. An SSID that specifies a statistical operation is an alias for that statistic combination or result. See Performing Operations on Statistic Values.

  • System topology. An SSID can include resources in multiple classes to show system topology.

  • Events. An event identifier can be an alias for the resource associated with the event.

Both of the following identifiers represent available system memory. In this example, two different classes represent the same statistic.


In the following example, all of the following identifiers represent CPU instance 0:


Both of the following identifiers represent the same non-global zone. In this example, the same class provides two different resource names – the id and the zonename – for the same non-global zone: