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Using Oracle® Solaris 11.4 StatsStore and System Web Interface

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Updated: November 2020

Statistics Store Authorizations and Administrative Profiles

By default, any user can read and record any data in the statistics store. Some other operations, such as reading sensitive data, require additional authorization. The following authorizations are available for operations on the statistics store. See the sstore-security(7) and sstore-authorized-user(7) man pages for more information. The root user or role has all solaris authorizations. See Securing Users and Processes in Oracle Solaris 11.4 for more information about authorizations, roles, and rights profiles.

Table 3  Statistics Store Operation Authorizations
Authorized Operation
Read a sensitive statistic or event.
Record a sensitive statistic or event.
Record an expensive statistic or event.
Add a resource to a class or remove a resource from a class.
Provide statistic or event data.
Purge statistic or event data.
Update a collection created by another user.
Manage statistics store states.
Change values of statistics store properties.

The following Oracle Solaris administrative profiles are available for operations on the statistics store. The System Administrator profile includes the Stat Store Management profile. The System Observability profile includes the Stat Store Read All profile.

Table 4  Oracle Solaris Statistics Store Administrative Profiles
Administrative Profile
Stat Store Management
solaris.smf.manage.sstore, solaris.smf.value.sstore, solaris.sstore.*
Stat Store Read All
solaris.sstore.read.sensitive, solaris.sstore.capture.sensitive, solaris.sstore.capture.expensive