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Using Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Analytics

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Updated: DRAFT

Representing Sets of Statistics and Events

To easily access a specified set of statistics and events, you can create a collection of those statistics store identifiers. These statistics and events might all be useful for monitoring a particular behavior or diagnosing a particular problem.

  • A collection is a list of statistic and event identifiers and metadata for the collection.

  • When a collection is enabled, the SSIDs in the collection are persistently recorded.

  • When you record or display a collection, values of all the identifiers in the collection are recorded or displayed.

  • You can access a collection by using the unique ID of the collection or the name of the collection. If you use the collection name and do not specify a user name, your user name is implied.


    The UUID is the most reliable identifier. The collection name could be changed by an authorized user; the UUID remains constant through collection name changes.

  • Any user can read the data values and metadata of any collection.

  • Only an authorized user can update a collection that was created by another user. See Authorizing Access to Resources and Statistics in Adding Custom Data to Oracle Solaris 11.4 Analytics for information about authorizations.

  • Collections can be used with wildcards.

  • Collections cannot be used with slices.

  • Collections cannot be used with operations.

See Using Collections for information about how to list and record the statistics and events in a collection.