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Using Oracle® Solaris 11.4 StatsStore and System Web Interface

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Updated: November 2020
Chapter 1

Using Oracle Solaris Observability Tools

Oracle Solaris provides a wealth of individual system observability tools, including specific stat tools such as mpstat or iostat, as well as programmatic diagnosis tools such as DTrace.

Oracle Solaris StatsStore and Oracle Solaris System Web Interface build upon and extend these tools to provide a consolidated view of system statistics, application statistics, faults, and administrative change requests. This consolidated view enables easier, more effective observability and problem diagnosis.

This consolidated view of data is available through the interactive System Web Interface, through the CLI, and through C, Python, and RAD APIs.

For information about how to provide additional statistics to be shown in this consolidated view, see Adding Custom Data to the Oracle Solaris 11.4 StatsStore and System Web Interface.