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Using Oracle® Solaris 11.4 StatsStore and System Web Interface

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Updated: November 2020

Value Change Points

The op.change operation shows the initial value of a statistic and the timestamp and value of each subsequent change. This operation does not support event statistics because each event statistic value is by definition a change.

The following example shows when link errors occurred:

$ sstore export //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed
2017-07-07T15:54:53 0.0 //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed
2017-07-10T20:34:12 1.0 //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed
2017-07-12T16:24:12 0.0 //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed
2017-07-17T12:06:29 5.0 //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed
2017-07-17T12:33:25 0.0 //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed
2017-07-18T13:11:49 2.0 //:class.link/phys//:stat.in-errors//:op.changed