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Using Oracle® Solaris 11.4 StatsStore and System Web Interface

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Updated: November 2020

Viewing Different Aspects of the Same Data

If the statistic is a partitioned statistic, you can select a particular partition to view. You can continue to select a partition of a partition, also known as drilling down.

Using the Partition Menu

  1. Select the Visualization Actions menu.

  2. Select the Partition... option.

  3. Click in “Click to show available partitions” to show the list of partitions.

  4. Select the partition you want to view.

The following figure shows the Partition option on the Visualization Actions menu.

Figure 2  Partition Option on the Visualization Actions Menu

image:Figure shows the Partition option on the Visualization Actions menu.

Selecting the Partition option causes the available partitions list to display in collapsed form. To expand the list, select the collapsed list where indicated.

Figure 3  Sample Partition List Selections

image:Figure shows the selections on a sample Partition list.

In the following figure, the user has selected the cpu partition from the list in the preceding figure. The graph shows one line for each CPU in the system. In both figures the statistic being shown is the percentage of CPU time used. The preceding graph showed the percentage of CPU time used by the kernel, by users, and by interrupts. The following graph shows the percentage of CPU time used by each CPU.

Figure 4  Viewing a Different Partition of the Data

image:Figure shows a different partition of the statistic being displayed.

The visualization also gained a new menu: the Undo History menu image:Figure shows the Undo History menu icon. . The Undo History menu enables you to undo or save partitioning changes. The number in the Undo History menu title shows how many times you have partitioned this statistic. You can roll back to the previous partitioning, roll back to the original statistic, or roll back to an intermediary series of partitioning.

The Undo History menu contains the following options:

  • Undo All. A tree structure of each partitioning is shown so that you can undo all or roll back to anywhere in the series of partitioning.

  • Undo the current partitioning. A brief description of the previous partitioning is shown as the menu option so that you know what you are rolling back to. For example, in the previous visualization, you could roll back from reporting utilization per CPU to reporting CPU utilization for user, kernel, and interrupts.

  • Save All to Visualization

  • Save All as New Visualization

Using the Drill Down Menu

When you double-click on a line graph or click an item in a graph legend for a visualization that is showing a partitioned statistic, the drill-down menu is displayed.

In the following figure, the user selected “kernel” in the legend.

Figure 5  Drill Down Menu Options

image:Figure shows the options on a sample Drill Down menu.

In the previous figure, the user selected “Drill Down on” to display the choices shown in the dialog box in the following figure. If the list of choices is long, use the “Type to filter” field to show fewer choices. The Clear button clears the filter field and shows all choices. In this example, as soon as the user selected “user,” the graph changed to show only the user part of the mode partition of the CPU utilization statistic. The dialog box remains displayed so that you can select additional partitions or change your selections. Click the Done button to close the dialog box.

Figure 6  Drill Down On Options

image:Figure shows the options on a sample Drill Down On menu.

The user selected Done on the dialog box shown in the preceding figure, and then took one of the following paths to drill down further:

  • Selected Partition from the Visualization Actions menu, and selected “cpu” from the list of available partitions.

  • Selected “user” in the visualization legend, selected “Drill Down on ‘user’” from the Drill Down menu that displayed, and selected “cpu” from the list of available partitions.

Figure 7  Second Level of Drill Down

image:Figure shows the list of choices for drilling down another level.

The Undo History menu changed to show a “2” because the user has drilled down two times and can undo two levels of drill down:

  • Drilled down on user from the display of all parts of the mode partition.

  • Drilled down on the cpu partition.

The preceding figure shows the percentage of CPU time that is user time on each CPU in the system.