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Automatically Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Systems

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Updated: August 2021

Preparing Zone Specific Files for AI

Just like with system or global zone installations, AI also uses manifests and system configuration profiles to install non-global zones.

Non-Global Zone AI Manifest

For its manifest, a non-global zone installation uses /usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml or customized copies of that file. The parameters in this file are more limited than in manifests for global zone installations. Do not use default.xml or copies of it as templates for non-global zone manifests.

The zone_default.xml file has 3 sections with their corresponding elements:

  • target section

    • target/logical/zpool – Specify a name. Only one pool can be defined.

    • target/logical/zpool/filesystem entries – Include file systems and their mount points.

    • target/logical/zpool/be entries – Specify a boot environment to use.

  • software_type section

    • By default, the software type is IPS and is the only supported type. Do not change this value in the manifest.

    • software_type/destination/image – Set to true only the locales you want to install. By default, all locales are set to true, which means that all locales will be installed.

  • software_data section

    The elements and attributes already have default definitions.

    • software_data action – By default, the action is set to perform an installation.

    • software_data/name – By default, AI would install the solaris-small-server package, which contains typical tools and device drivers for non-global zones.

To use a manifest for a non-global zone AI installation, create a copy of /usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml. Then, customize the manifest by editing specific parameters in the file.

In the following manifest example, the elements and attributes relevant to non-global zone installations are displayed in bold. The software_data section has been customized so that AI installs the zone with the solaris-large-server package and to install only the English locales.

   <ai_instance name="myzone">
            <zpool name="rpool">
               <filesystem name="export" mountpoint="/export"/>
               <filesystem name="export/home"/>
               <be name="solaris">
                     <option name="compression" value="on"/>

      <software type="IPS">
               <!-- Specify locales to install -->
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.*</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.de</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.de_DE</facet>
               <facet set="true">facet.locale.en</facet>English locales
               <facet set="true">facet.locale.en_US</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.es</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.es_ES</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.fr</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.fr_FR</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.it</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.it_IT</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.ja</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.ja_*</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.ko</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.ko_*</facet> 
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.pt</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.pt_BR</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.zh</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.zh_CN</facet>
               <facet set="false">facet.locale.zh_TW</facet>
         <software_data action="install">

Non-Global Zone System Configuration Profiles

Tools and templates for creating configuration profiles are the same for both global and non-global zone installations. No configuration profile template specific only to zones exists.

You can create multiple profiles as needed. For instructions, see Chapter 3, Working With System Configuration Profiles in Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles.