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Automatically Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Systems

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Updated: August 2021

SPARC: Configuring WAN Boot Security for SPARC Clients

To install Oracle Solaris on SPARC clients over the network, you must set firmware keys on those clients. You set the keys by issuing commands on the OBP command prompt.

  • set-security-key wanboot-aes key sets the encryption key.

  • set-security-key wanboot-hmac-sha1 key sets the SHA1 firmware key.

  • set-security-key wanboot-hmac-sha256 key sets the SHA256 firmware key.

Caution  -  Using these same commands without specifying values for key deletes corresponding keys in the client. This deletion would prevent a SPARC client from using install services that have been configured to require server and client authentication.