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Automatically Installing Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Systems

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Updated: August 2021

SPARC: Defining Boot Disks on Clients

The manifest typically contains the boot disk definition. If the definition is absent, set the boot-device OBP parameter to specify where to install the OS. Otherwise, the installer uses the first disk available that has sufficient space for the OS.

How To Set the Boot Disk From OBP

Before You Begin

Ensure that your role has the appropriate rights profiles to perform this procedure. See Using Rights Profiles to Install Oracle Solaris.

  1. Bring the system to the ok PROM prompt.
    # init 0
  2. List the devices on the system.
    ok devalias
    disk1                    /pci@306/pci@1/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk@w202400a0b836a3b9,3
    disk0                    /pci@306/pci@1/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk@w202400a0b836a3b9,1
    disk                     /pci@304/pci@2/usb@0/storage@1/disk@0,0
  3. Set the boot-device parameter to the appropriate disk.

    For example:

    ok setenv boot-device /pci@306/pci@1/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk@x202400a0b836a3b39,1
  4. (Optional) Verify the boot device.
    ok printenv boot-device
    boot-device = /pci@306/pci@1/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0/disk@x202400a0b836a3b39,1