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Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2018

Previewing an Operation

Many of the commands shown in this chapter and in Configuring Installed Images have an -n option that enables you to see what the command will do without making any changes to the image.

Tip  - Best practice is to use the -n option whenever it is available. Use the -n option with one or more verbose options (-nv, -nvv) and review the effects of the command before you execute the command without the -n option.

Previewing Package Installation

The following example shows information about a package installation that is not actually performed:

$ pkg install -nv oracle-rdbms-server-18c-preinstall
           Packages to install:         4
            Services to change:         1
     Estimated space available: 852.48 GB
Estimated space to be consumed: 456.23 MB
       Create boot environment:        No
Create backup boot environment:        No
          Rebuild boot archive:        No

Changed packages:
    None -> 11.4-
    None -> 11.4-
    None -> 7.7-
    None -> 1.1.3-


This output indicates that this installation operation will be done in the current BE and not in a new BE, and a backup of this the current BE will not be created. You could specify options or image properties to require a new BE or a backup BE.

The “Changed packages” section shows that the group package listed on the command line would be installed, and three other packages would be installed. The output shows which version of each package would be installed. The token None indicates that these packages are not currently installed and therefore are not being updated.

The oracle-rdbms-server-18c-preinstall package has more than three dependencies:

$ pkg contents -rt depend oracle-rdbms-server-18c-preinstall
group   system/header
group   system/kernel/oracka
group   system/picl
group   x11/diagnostic/x11-info-clients
group   x11/library/libxi
group   x11/library/libxtst
group   x11/session/xauth
require compress/unzip
require developer/assembler
require developer/build/make
require system/dtrace
require system/library/openmp

The following command shows that ten of the twelve dependencies are already installed in this image:

$ pkg list `pkg contents -Hro fmri -t depend oracle-rdbms-server-18c-preinstall`
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
compress/unzip                             i--
developer/assembler                               11.4-        i--
developer/build/make                              11.4-        i--
system/dtrace                                     11.4-       i--
system/header                                     11.4-       i--
system/library/openmp                             11.4-        i--
system/picl                                       11.4-       i--
x11/library/libxi                                 1.7.9-      i--
x11/library/libxtst                               1.2.3-      i--
x11/session/xauth                                 1.0.10-     i--

pkg list: no packages matching the following patterns are installed:

In addition to the two direct dependencies of oracle-rdbms-server-18c-preinstall that must be installed, the x11/library/libdmx package is installed because it is a required dependency of the x11-info-clients package, as shown by the following command:

$ pkg search -o type,pkg.name :depend:group:x11/library/libdmx OR :depend:require:x11/library/libdmx
require x11/diagnostic/x11-info-clients
require x11/server/xdmx
require developer/opensolaris/userland

Previewing Facet Change

The following command produces a large amount of output because so many packages would be affected. Setting this facet would install all localized content for all packages. Running this preview command might change how you decide to schedule this operation or whether you decide to add fewer new locales. This output shows that a new BE would not be created by default, but a backup BE would be created.

$ pkg change-facet -nv 'facet.locale.*=true'
            Packages to change:       130
     Variants/Facets to change:         1
     Estimated space available:  22.70 GB
Estimated space to be consumed:   3.45 GB
       Create boot environment:        No
Create backup boot environment:       Yes
          Rebuild boot archive:        No
Changed variants/facets:
    facet locale.* (local): False -> True
Changed packages: