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Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Files Were Salvaged

The following informational message is followed by the path of the files that were salvaged and the temporary location where the files were moved:

The following unexpected or editable files and directories were
salvaged while executing the requested package operation; they
have been moved to the displayed location in the image:

This is an informational message and can be ignored or acted upon as necessary.

Directories are reference-counted in IPS. When no package installed in the image either explicitly or implicitly references a directory, that directory is removed. If that directory contains unpackaged file system objects, those items are moved into $IMAGE_META/lost+found. Unpackaged file system objects are files and directories that were not delivered by an IPS package. The value of IMAGE_META is typically /var/pkg. See the “Files” section of the pkg(7) man page for information about the IMAGE_META directory.

To avoid having these files move, avoid storing unpackaged data in packaged directories. For example, store user data in a separate dataset such as a directory in /var/app-name.