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Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Removing IDRs

In most cases, you should not explicitly remove an IDR because this leaves your system vulnerable to the issue that the IDR addresses. The IDR should be removed as part of the process of updating to the SRU that includes the fix for the issue that the IDR addresses.

One case when you could explicitly remove an IDR is when the IDR performs only diagnostic work and you no longer need to gather that diagnostic information.

How to Remove an IDR

  1. Check the IDR package summary for package removal instructions.

    The IDR package summary includes instructions for how to remove this package.

    The info, contents, and search subcommands can all show the package summary.

    • pkg info
      $ pkg info idr2353
         Name: idr2353
      Summary: To back out This IDR : # /usr/bin/pkg uninstall -r idr2353
    • pkg contents
      $ pkg contents -Ho value -a name=pkg.summary idr2353
      To back out This IDR : # /usr/bin/pkg uninstall -r idr2353
    • pkg search
      $ pkg search -Hlo value idr2353::pkg.summary:
      To back out This IDR : # /usr/bin/pkg uninstall -r idr2353

    You can also use the command shown in Example 15, Show the Location of the Release Notes for an IDR to view this information in the installed release notes file.

  2. Run the prescribed command to remove the IDR package.

    Use the pkg uninstall command as shown in the package summary:

    $ pkg uninstall -r idr1929

    The -r option performs the removal in all non-global zones associated with this global zone.