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Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2018

Package Cannot Be Installed

Error message: No matching version of package can be installed

Use the following command to show which versions of package are available from your configured package publishers:

$ pkg list -afv package

Specify more of the FMRI of the package you want to install. The first match found might not be installable in this image, but the specific version you want to install might be installable. If the more specific FMRI is still not installable, specifying more of the FMRI should display more information about why the package cannot be installed.

Verify that the version of the package you want to install or update is not frozen. Use the pkg freeze command with no arguments to display a list of all packages whose versions are frozen.

Use the following command to show what version of the pkg:/entire package is installed:

$ pkg list -v entire

You cannot install or update a package that is constrained by the pkg:/entire constraint package or by some other constraint package. You must update the constraint package. For more information, see Cannot Satisfy Constraints.