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Updating Systems and Adding Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: November 2020

Sync Linked Package Cannot Be Installed

Error message: pkg sync-linked: The installed package package is not permissible.

You might see a package rejected with the reason being a version mismatch with the parent image.

Linked progress: pkg: update failed (linked image exception(s)):

A 'sync-linked' operation failed for child 'zone:z1' with an unexpected
return value of 1 and generated the following output:

pkg sync-linked: The installed package package is not permissible.
  Reject:  package
  Reason:  Parent image has a incompatible newer version: package

You might receive this incompatibility message for the following reasons:

  • Core operating system packages must be the same version in non-global zones as in the global zone. You cannot update these packages separately in a non-global zone. Similarly, freezing any of these packages in a non-global zone causes the update to fail for the global zone and all non-global zones.

    The following command displays the list of packages that must remain in sync between the global zone and non-global zones:

    $ pkg search -o pkg.name :depend:parent:
  • If you are updating a BE that has zones configured, you cannot mount that BE and then use the pkg -R command to update that alternate BE (ABE) if the publisher configuration in the ABE is different from the publisher configuration in the currently booted BE. Non-global zones in the ABE use the publisher configuration from the currently active BE.

See also Non-Global Zone Cannot Be Installed.