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Managing User Accounts and User Environments in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: April 2019

Attributes in the useradm Window

When you use the useradm command as previously explained, the following window appears:

image:This figure shows the main useradm interactive interface.

The following list explains the different options or attributes you can set for users:

Access Times

Specify the days and times at which specific services can be accessed.

Account Type

Specify whether the account you are working with is a normal user account or a role.

Audit Flags

Specify the audit preselection flags of the user.


Specify whether the user must provide an explanation if they are assuming a role or using an authenticated rights profile


Assign authorizations to user accounts from a list of available options. The names of granted authorizations are listed under the Assigned Groups list


Assign a primary group and secondary group to user accounts. Available choices in the Group list depends on your system's configuration. When you specify -S files, the list of groups that is displayed is the local list. Otherwise, the list of groups is a combination of local and LDAP groups

Home Directory

(Optional) If you do not provide any information, the system automatically assigns a default home directory

Idle Session

Specify the timeout for a user account in case the user is inactive for a certain amount of time. You can also specify the action to be taken at timeout


Assign a minimum label and clearances to each user account to restrict their access to confidential process information

PAM Policy

Specify the PAM policy for the user. For more information, see the pam_user_policy(7) man page


Specify default privileges that are assigned to the user's initial login shell


Assign the rights profile to a user from a list of available profiles. You can also specify if they need re authentication when used


Displays a list of available projects that can be assigned as the user's default

Role Access

Assign a role to a user from a list of available choices


Assign the user's login shell

Trusted Path

Specify whether the user can remotely access the Trusted Path to manage the RAD services running in immutable zones