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Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2021

How to Create and Access an NFS Referral

  1. On an NFS server, create a referral.

    Add the referral on an NFS-shared file system, pointing to one or more existing NFS-shared file systems. For example:

    server1# nfsref add /share/docs server2:/usr/local/docs server3:/tank/docs
    Created reparse point /share/docs
  2. Verify that the referral was created.
    server1# nfsref lookup /share/docs
    /share/docs points to:
  3. On the client, access the mount point to mount the referral.
    client1# ls /share/docs

    If the mount fails, check the connectivity on the NFS client and check the shared file system on the NFS server. For more information about troubleshooting NFS, see NFS Troubleshooting Procedures.

Example 6  Modifying an Existing NFS Referral

To add another file system, such as server4:/tank/docs, to the existing referral that was created in this procedure, you would type the command from Step 2 with the new file system.

server1# nfsref add /share/docs server2:/usr/local/docs \
server3:/tank/docs server4:/tank/docs

The add subcommand replaces the information in the current referral with the new information from the command.