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Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: August 2019

Hardware and Software Requirements

    Ensure that you meet the following hardware requirements before using the ZFS software:

  • A SPARC® or x86 based system that is running a supported Oracle Solaris release.

  • Between 7 GB -13 GB of disk space. For information about how ZFS uses disk space, see ZFS Root Pool Space Requirements.

  • Sufficient memory to support your workload.

  • Multiple controllers for mirrored pool configurations.

    Additionally, to perform ZFS management tasks, you must assume a role with either of the following profiles:

  • ZFS Storage Management – Provides the privilege to create, destroy, and manipulate devices within a ZFS storage pool

  • ZFS File System Management – Provides the privilege to create, destroy, and modify ZFS file systems

Although you can use a superuser (root) account to configure ZFS, using RBAC (role-based access control) roles is a best-practice method. For more information about creating or assigning roles, see Securing Users and Processes in Oracle Solaris 11.4.

In addition to using RBAC roles for administering ZFS file systems, you might also consider using ZFS delegated administration for distributed ZFS administration tasks. For more information, see Oracle Solaris ZFS Delegated Administration.