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Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: February 2021

Booting From a ZFS Root File System on an x86 Based System

Starting in Oracle Solaris 11.1, x86 based systems are installed with GRUB2. The menu.lst file is replaced by the /rpool/boot/grub/grub.cfg file. Do not edit this file manually. Instead, use the bootadm sub commands to add, change, and remove menu entries.

Note -  If your system's Oracle Solaris version still uses legacy GRUB, see Booting From a ZFS Root File System on an x86 Based System, which describes ZFS root file system entries in the menu.lst file.

For more information about modifying the GRUB menu items, see Booting and Shutting Down Oracle Solaris 11.4 Systems.

x86: Displaying the Root File System

When booting from a ZFS root file system on a GRUB2 system, the root device is specified as follows:

$ bootadm list-menu
the location of the boot loader configuration files is: /rpool/boot/grub
default 0
console text
timeout 30
0 release-version

x86: Fast Rebooting a ZFS Root File System

The fast reboot feature provides the ability to reboot within seconds on x86 based systems. With the fast reboot feature, you can reboot to a new kernel without experiencing the long delays that can be imposed by the BIOS and boot loader.

You must still use the init 6 command when transitioning between BEs with the beadm activate command. For other system operations, use the reboot command as appropriate.