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Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: February 2021

Upgrading ZFS File Systems

If you have ZFS file systems from a previous Oracle Solaris release, you can upgrade your file systems with the zfs upgrade command to take advantage of the file system features in the current release. In addition, this command notifies you when your file systems are running older versions.

For example, this file system is at the current version 5.

$ zfs upgrade
This system is currently running ZFS filesystem version 5.

All filesystems are formatted with the current version.

Use this command to identify the features that are available with each file system version.

$ zfs upgrade -v
The following filesystem versions are supported:

---  --------------------------------------------------------
1   Initial ZFS filesystem version
2   Enhanced directory entries
3   Case insensitive and File system unique identifier (FUID)
4   userquota, groupquota properties
5   System attributes
6   Multilevel file system support

For more information about a particular version, including supported releases,
see the ZFS Administration Guide.

For information about upgrading encrypted file systems, see Upgrading Encrypted ZFS File Systems.