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Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Compliance Guide

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Updated: August 2021

What's New in Compliance in Oracle Solaris 11.4

    This section highlights information for existing customers about important new compliance features in this release.

  • You can run and administer compliance reports from a central system and store them on a common server. See Centrally Managing Compliance Assessments and the compliance-roster(8) man page.

  • You can tag compliance assessments for identification and filtering. See Using Metadata to Manage Assessments and the Match Parameters section of the compliance(8) man page.

  • When Oracle Solaris Cluster is configured and running, administrators can use the Solaris Recommended profile to verify the configuration's compliance to internal and external security requirements. For a customized list of only Oracle Solaris Cluster-related checks, use the compliance tailor command, as described in Creating Tailorings From Compliance Benchmarks.

  • The compliance explain command describes in detail the compliance policy that is in effect. For more information, see the compliance(8) man page.