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Securing Systems and Attached Devices in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: July 2019

Managing Device Allocation

When the pkg:/system/device-allocation package is on the system, device allocation can be controlled. Device allocation is commonly implemented at sites that require an additional layer of device security. Typically, users must have authorization to access allocatable devices.

The following task map points to procedures and command options that enable, configure, and troubleshoot device allocation. Device allocation is not enabled by default. After device allocation is enabled, see Allocating Devices for instructions on allocating devices.

Table 6  Managing Device Allocation Task Map
For Instructions
Make a device allocatable.
Disable device allocation.
Enables a device to be allocated to one user at a time.
Removes allocation restrictions from all devices.
Authorize users to allocate a device.
Assigns device allocation authorizations to users.
View the allocatable devices on your system.
Lists the devices that are allocatable, and the state of the device.
Forcibly allocate or deallocate a device.
Allocates or deallocates a device to a user who has an immediate need.
Change the allocation properties of a device.
Changes the requirements for allocating a device.
Audit device allocation.
Records device allocation in the audit trail
Create a device-clean script.
Purges data from a physical device.