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Securing Systems and Attached Devices in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: July 2019

How to Deallocate a Device

Deallocation enables other users to allocate and use the device when you are finished.

Before You Begin

You must have allocated the device. For information, see How to Allocate a Device.

  1. If the device is mounted, unmount the device.
    $ cd $HOME
    $ umount mount-point
  2. Deallocate the device.
    $ deallocate device-name
Example 18  Deallocating a Microphone

In this example, the user jdoe deallocates the microphone, audio.

$ whoami
$ deallocate audio0
Example 19  Deallocating a CD-ROM Drive

In this example, the Device Allocator role deallocates a CD-ROM drive. After the message is printed, the CD-ROM is ejected.

$ whoami
$ cd /home/devicealloc
$ umount /home/devicealloc/mymnt
$ ls /home/devicealloc/mymnt
$ deallocate sr0
/dev/sr0:      326o
/dev/rsr0:     326o
sr_clean: Media in sr0 is ready.  Please, label and store safely.