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Managing Encryption and Certificates in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: May 2021

Benefits for Oracle Solaris Clients Using KMIP

In Oracle Solaris, KMIP client support provides the following advantages:

  • KMIP is an industry protocol. KMIP support enables clients to communicate to any server that is KMIP-compliant. In Oracle Solaris, you can use your PKCS #11 applications as KMIP clients. By connecting these applications to KMIP-compliant servers, you reduce the costs and complexity of key management.

    Note -  See What pkcs11_kmip Supports for information about the specific PKCS #11 interfaces and mechanisms that are supported in this release.
  • With KMIP server groups, you can ensure that a failed connection to a KMIP server will be passed on and completed by one of the backup servers in that group.

  • With multiple server groups, your KMIP clients can open and run multiple KMIP sessions simultaneously. You can access keys from different KMIP-compliant servers on multiple hosts at the same time.