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Oracle® Solaris 11.4 DTrace (Dynamic Tracing) Guide

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Updated: September 2020

Data Consumption APIs

int dtrace_consume(dtrace_hdl_t *dtp, FILE *fp, dtrace_consume_probe_f *pf, dtrace_consume_rec_f *rf, void *arg)

Consumes data from the principal buffers. This function walks the CPUs and processes the data from each in turn. The function is passed two function pointers, pf and rf, the first to process an ECB (Enabling Control Block, essentially a clause from a D program) and the second to process individual records. See dtrace_consume(3DTRACE).

int dtrace_status(dtrace_hdl_t *dtp)

Determines the status of the running DTrace instance (identified by the dtp argument). See dtrace_status(3DTRACE).

dtrace_workstatus_t dtrace_work(dtrace_hdl_t *dtp, FILE *fp, dtrace_consume_probe_f *pfunc, dtrace_consume_rec_f *rfunc, void *arg)

Consumes traced data and snapshots aggregation data. dtp is the DTrace handle as returned by dtrace_open(). See dtrace_work(3DTRACE).