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Oracle® Solaris 11.4 DTrace (Dynamic Tracing) Guide

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Updated: September 2020

DTrace Special Actions

This section describes actions that are neither data recording actions nor destructive actions.

Speculative Actions

The actions associated with speculative tracing are speculate, commit, and discard. These actions are discussed in Speculative Tracing in DTrace.

exit Action

void exit(int status)

The exit action is used to immediately stop tracing, and to inform the DTrace consumer that it should cease tracing, perform any final processing, and call exitwith the status specified. Because exit returns a status to user-level, it is a data recording action, However, unlike other data storing actions, exit cannot be speculatively traced. exit will cause the DTrace consumer to exit regardless of buffer policy. Because exit is a data recording action, it can be dropped.

When exit is called, only DTrace actions already in progress on other CPUs will be completed. No new actions will occur on any CPU. The only exception to this rule is the processing of the END probe, which will be called after the DTrace consumer has processed the exit action and indicated that tracing should stop.