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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: August 2019

About Zone UUIDs

Zones can be uninstalled and reinstalled under the same name with different contents. Zones can also be renamed without the contents being changed. For these reasons, the UUID is more reliable than the zone name, especially when you need to troubleshoot problems with zones.

To obtain the UUID of a zone, use the –p option when listing zones:

global$ zoneadm list -cp

Thereafter, you can use –u UUID option instead of the more typical –z zonename option when you run zoneadm or zonecfg commands.

You can use both the –z zonename and –u UUID options together in the command. In this case, the command attempts to match the UUID first. If a match is found, then the –z zonename option is ignored. Otherwise, the command uses the zone name.

Tip  -  UUIDs are long and can potentially cause problems when used in commands. Obtain the UUID of a problematic zone first to identify the corresponding zone name. Then, proceed with using the zone name for convenience.